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Premier Building Envelope Consultants provides a bundled service approach and will cater to your specific project to fulfill your building envelope needs. From the evaluation and assessment phase through completion, our services will provide the right solution for you. 

​Explore each of our service lines by expanding them below:

Architectural/Engineering Design Services​

PBEC, a member of ​The Chadwell Group, LP, provides complete architectural and engineering design services. Most of our work involves the design for the correction of structural, drainage, exterior facade, roofing, and waterproofing problems on existing facilities. Our projects include some of the most prestigious projects in the Southwest because we produce results. We design cost effective solutions that work. 

Architectural Plan & Spec Preview

PBEC provides design review services for Architects, Roofing Contractors, Owners, and General Contractors. This review includes an evaluation of the roofing and waterproofing design for compliance to "generally accepted industry standards" and building codes, as well as constructability.

Storm Damage Assessment

​PBEC provides damage assessments, including the evaluation of all types of damage to roofs, including hail, wind, and fire damage.  These investigations often include a variety of testing including moisture surveys, core sample analysis including the desaturation of felts, Factory Mutual Field Uplift Testing, and hail impact testing.  We have a licensed Public Adjuster on staff that can assist with managing all aspects of the insurance claim on your behalf.

Roof Inspection & Analysis

PBEC performs roof inspections on all types of roofing and waterproofing projects. We conduct thermal imaging and moisture testing analysis to identify moisture below the roof surface. We utilize state of the art drone and camera technology to capture the entire roof system and have a Certified Thermographer on staff to evaluate the thermal imaging results. 

These inspections typically include a review of the existing construction documents and other historical data related to the project, an interior inspection of the problem areas, a visual inspection of the roof and related areas, and exploratory core samples to determine the construction. The emphasis is on understanding and solving roofing and waterproofing problems, no matter how complex.

Roof Design

PBEC design services include comprehensive plans and specification for all types of roofing and waterproofing projects, including historical, high rise, industrial, educational, and institutional buildings. Special attention is paid to the critical issues, including drainage design, wind uplift design, materials selection, and membrane and flashing performance. 

Our designs are based upon long-term performance and ease of maintenance. We have been leaders in the roofing industry, and many of our details and approaches have been incorporated into various industry standards.

Forensic Engineering Services

PBEC provides forensic engineering services on a wide range of construction problems associated with the Building Envelope. No firm has the experience in civil/structural engineering and roofing and waterproofing as our forensic team. 

Our experience involves identifying and solving serious structural design and construction flaws related to wind and water loads, drainage design issues, and exterior wall related issues. 

Roofing and/or Waterproofing Testing

PBEC provides a variety of testing services on existing roofs to assist in the evaluation and analysis of difficult roofing and waterproofing problems. The most common testing performed includes: infrared moisture surveys using state of the art drone and camera technology, capacitance and impedance moisture testing, moisture contents, core sample analysis in accordance with ASTM D2829, Factory Mutual Field Uplift Testing, and water testing to ascertain the source of a specific leak(s).

Quality Control-Observation Service

PBEC offers a wide range of Quality Control Services related to the testing, inspection, and management of roofing projects under construction. Common testing services in conjunction with quality control includes core sampling in accordance with ASTM D3617, softening points, gradation of roofing gravel, in accordance with ASTM D1863, and moisture content.

Project Management

The Project Manager takes representatives of the client and the contractor through the contract and ensures that lines of communication and expectations are established. 

The Project Manager facilitates the project from this Preconstruction Conference through Final Acceptance. This person conducts progress meetings, schedules roof observations, coordinates between the client's project team and the contractor, provides cost estimates, recommends pay requests, assembles contract modifications, monitors the project schedule, approves submittals, and provides technical assistance. The Project Manager reviews and approves pay applications and change orders.

Roof Maintenance Program

PBEC offers a roof maintenance program to assist in maintaining the integrity of the roof system. PBEC is equipped and experienced with preparation and maintenance of a database detailing multiple buildings on multiple sites with a variety of roofing types in various existing conditions, enabling PBEC and our clients to monitor roof conditions of existing facilities, forecast life expectancy of existing roofs, schedule roof repairs and/or replacement as conditions dictate, and forecast budgeting costs associated with repairs in a multiple year cycle. 

PBEC will provide site visits, periodic observations and consultation as necessary to maintain the integrity of the facilities within the scope of this agreement.

 Long-Term Planning for Roof Management​ 

PBEC provides assistance with long-term roof management and planning. This includes prioritizing roof maintenance needs, projecting the long-term performance, and budgeting.

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